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Sports Fans and Television – Beyond the Game

Sure, it’s obvious that you can watch major games and serious matches with your television. And while there are plenty of articles devoted to singing the praises of deciding to watch the game at home with friends rather than dropping hundreds on tickets to overpay for hot dogs and shiver at the stadium, that’s not what this is about. This is about figuring out to do once your favorite team is out of the playoffs, or when the season finally wraps up. This can sometimes be a stressful time for those die-hards who live and breathe their team in question, and are a bit sluggish when there’s nothing on television to watch.The fact is that for those sports fans who have television, there’s always something on. And while it might not be the big game in real-time, the options are often just as compelling. Take the entire world of ESPN Classic, for example. Sometimes particularly bad losses hurt in the moment, but are important to explore after a suitable amount of time. Figure out where your team went went wrong–or celebrate the moments that they did a truly excellent job–by reliving the games. Whether it’s marveling at what uniforms used to look like or getting to watch one of the best moments in sports on a big screen rather than YouTube, ESPN Classic definitely knows how to deliver. Whether you’re feeling like catching up on the history of basketball or football, there’s always something there to watch.But perhaps you’re not interested in catching up on old news, and need to see what’s happening today. If you’re adventurous enough to get involved with a new sport, you might find that on something like satellite TV, there are channels and channels devoted to game play. So you never quite loved rugby before, but now you’re totally into it? Well, you can watch all of the big rugby matches, depending on what kind of package you have with your dish.Of course, if you tire of trying to figure out what the rules of cricket, rugby, or curling might be, there is always the world of the celluloid. And while you might not think to watch sports movies if you’d rather be watching NFL Sunday Ticket, the fact is that a truly invigorating sports film can have you laughing, crying, and cheering in the matter of a couple of hours. Choose from the classics or the contemporary hits, and get the entire family together.This is one of the best moves for anyone who is starting to get on the nerves of roommates or spouses, as picking a film that involves sports but is not a sporting event can be a way to win people back over. Whether you decide on something focused on a less serious sporting event, like “The Sandlot” or “The Mighty Ducks,” or a sweeping and somewhat moving biopic like “Rudy” or “Prefontaine,” there is truly something out there for everyone if it’s sports films on satellite tv that you’re pursuing.